Thursday, 10 February 2011

Chasing Rainbows: with Just Us Two.Now published on Kindle

Read more about Chasing Rainbows on the dedicated Chasing Rainbows  page on Rosalie's website.
As a taster though, I can tell you that it is not only about travel. This is when 'Just Us Two' finally say good-bye to their Gold Wing motorbiking years. If you have not read the first book in the  Just Us Two series, well you might need it as there are references to previous incidents in Chasing Rainbows.

Rosie has a love-hate relationship with a new toy which appeared on the dashboard. This threatened to make her navigating skills redundant . . .!
Chasing Rainbows follows on from Just Us Two with the theme of discovery, adventure, fun and Rosie's unquenchable optimism when she says 'lets go ...!' as they follow more dreams. And what happened in Paris? Paris?? This, Ireland, Andorra, French Alps, Spanish Pyrenees and more are all in the pages of Chasing Rainbows.

No Kindle? Download an app from Amazon for PC,iPhone, iPad. More formats and paperback to follow. 

Rosalie xx
Chasing Rainbows is published by Christal Publishing in the UK