Sunday, 27 February 2011

Reading ¨- Old man on a Bike-

Started to read Old Man on a Bike by Simon Gondolfi. It was recommended by a reader at the Deganwy Author´s Day. V. interesting. 70 plus yrs old man rode a Honda 125cc motorbike down through s. America. I can emphasise with him in parts. It is lloney out there riding with only your own resources to draw on. remember what it was like riding over the deserted Spanish Sierras in 2001. Hairy Scary!
 More when  have finished.
Taking some time out to re-charge batteries and down to some reading.

Rosalie xx

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Webinar - How to market books on Twitter -BBMTC

Just spent a happy fruitful hour taking part in a global Webinar. What is a Webinar you might ask? Simply a web-based seminar ( or meeting).

Freya (BookBuzzr) in India was joined by Gary Smailes of Bubble Cow (in England - not far from my neck of the woods in North Wales) and Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn (in Australia) who gave very clear presentations on what to focus on when marketing your book on Twitter. There followed a good mix of questions from the audience. I asked:
'Some schools of thought say that for writers it is important to show the person behind the book. Hence adding in personal things into book marketing. What do the panel think?'

The replies ranged from 'not too personal' to 'some things are OK'. I guess that it is important to separate the 'private' from  'general personal'.
This is my third Webinar and have enjoyed them all. Even the first two which took place at 01:00 am GMT! Hard to get up the following morning though!.

I have spent my working life being involved in professional development activities and attending workshops and courses both in sales management and in further education. Since retiring to concentrate on my writing and family responsibilities,I have missed this interaction which is where social networking comes in. Taking part in web-based interaction from the comfort of my study puts me back into the stream of things so that I can keep at the cutting edge.

Following today's Webinar I have some new avenues to follow. Although I already use Twitter a lot with auto tweets from Book Buzzr and widgets, some strategies have been re-inforced. In addition I  now have other aspects  to pursue.
Thank you Freya, Joanna and Gary.

Rosalie  xx

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Chasing Rainbows: with Just Us Two.Now published on Kindle

Read more about Chasing Rainbows on the dedicated Chasing Rainbows  page on Rosalie's website.
As a taster though, I can tell you that it is not only about travel. This is when 'Just Us Two' finally say good-bye to their Gold Wing motorbiking years. If you have not read the first book in the  Just Us Two series, well you might need it as there are references to previous incidents in Chasing Rainbows.

Rosie has a love-hate relationship with a new toy which appeared on the dashboard. This threatened to make her navigating skills redundant . . .!
Chasing Rainbows follows on from Just Us Two with the theme of discovery, adventure, fun and Rosie's unquenchable optimism when she says 'lets go ...!' as they follow more dreams. And what happened in Paris? Paris?? This, Ireland, Andorra, French Alps, Spanish Pyrenees and more are all in the pages of Chasing Rainbows.

No Kindle? Download an app from Amazon for PC,iPhone, iPad. More formats and paperback to follow. 

Rosalie xx
Chasing Rainbows is published by Christal Publishing in the UK

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Braving the floods in North Wales for a Gold Wing meeting.

Made the usual monthly Gold Wing meeting in Betws-y-Coed but journey was traumatic if a little exciting.  Quite an adventure! Sunday brought an unexpected heavy rainfall. Four inches overnight on Snowdonia. Taking our usual route from Wrexham along the A5 (Historic Coaching route to Holyhead) we hit a flooded road. Hubby carefully drove through 12 inches of water (approx 30cm).I am sure my heart stopped! Thought the car was goingtostopand we would have to getout and paddle.Dreadful! 
Just got through,rounded the bend at the junction for Cynwyd. - road ahead closed. Took the mountain road towards Llandrillo and Llanderfel to Bala. One farmer tried to get his sheep out of the valley - all pregnant ewesand stuck on a mound. Nearly lambing season. Valley awash with rain above fence posts. Bala road closed at Llanderfel. Only way out - go further up the mountain to join Bala Rd.
I had visions of calling search and rescue and HRH helicopter if the road was closed ahead.!! Couldn't go back. Bala Lake was like a raging sea washing over the road.Have never seen it like that in over 40 years in Wales. Roads were full of debris. Awesome to see the force of nature. Shows you who is in charge!
A friend/member could not get from the coast as roads were closed. Conwy river burst its banks. Only way home seemed to be  A5 from Betws-y-Coed in Snowdonia  to the A55 coast road.If that was flooded - then I could see a night in the hotel looming.
Now you know I am never averse to a night in an hotel - but - not as a refugee from the floods. Made the meeting at Waterloo Hotel. Lovely Sunday Lunch. Home over the Denbigh Moors. Megan found out it was clear.
All in all it was a lovely ride out through beautiful scenery. Better though on a Gold Wing in normal weather. Must do it all again with the top down on the car.Better wait 'till Spring.

Rosalie xx