Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wrexham/Shropshire railway to close direct route from Wrexham to London

I had my 2 mins of fame this morning on Shropshire Radio.Joined a Twitter discussion/rant about Wrexham/Shropshire railway closing direct link from Wrexham to London. Found myself on air! If it isn't viable on money grounds it certainly is for business/commuters,tourists,etc.  Perhaps a bail out is in order like other large org. get? Updating the line might help especially as Wrexham is looking for city status again.
It doesn't make sense to put congestion charges in London,encourage users to use rail links and then make it hard to do that. How to go about paying congestion charge is another ball game anyway.
Wrexham Council have worked hard to improve business in the area and good communication links are essential.Can't go to London Book fair and back in a day as easily now!
Rosalie xx