Sunday, 23 January 2011

Global webinar experience with BookBuzzr

I have been following the on-line book marketing articles from BookBuzzr and fReado for a while now. I use their innovative widget to show excerpts from 'Just Us Two' (and soon 'Chasing Rainbows') on my website and this blog. Then when I thought it couldn't get any better, it did.
On Wednesday, I took part in a Webinar.  What is a Webinar you may ask?  Simply it is an on-line seminar.
The software was easy to use, the only ‘setting-up’ was to make sure the headphone, and microphone was working.
Freya came through from India to me in the UK as clear as a bell.  Dana Lynn Smith (Savvy Book Marketer) gave a clear and simply explained presentation on the Fundamentals of Facebook.  Slides came up on screen as she spoke.  Even though she was speaking from Texas at 8:00pmEST to our 1:00am GMT, it was just like being in the same room.  Suffice to say that even if you are an experienced user, this session was interesting and I picked up a few points.
The whole experience reminded me of my first Video Conference experience fifteen years ago when my college principal had one set up with someone in Los Angeles.  It was in its infancy then and later I was able to have a hands-on 'go ‘with another organisation.  This technology has improved somewhat and is widely used.
What was different about this webinar is that I was in my own home, using my usual desktop computer with no specialist knowledge or equipment needed.  And let's face it, working from home can be lonely; it is easy to lose touch with current and emerging developments in your chosen area; social networking provides opportunities to redress this... 
The second part of the Facebook topic is this Wednesday.This is a round the table talk with a group of book specialists.  As it is at 1:00GMT I will have to exercise some degree of discipline in staying awake.  Catch up time will be Thursday when no doubt I will be like a zombie all day.
Rosalie xx