Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Coming Soon. Chasing Rainbows.

'Chasing Rainbows' is cooking nicely. Book Cover now finished. Comments appreciated. We aimed to keep it simple. They say a picture says a thousand words so we decided to keep it at that. 
Chasing rainbows will be available as an e-book, initially on  Amazon Kindle, and as a Perfect Bound Soft Cover. More details to follow.

Chasing Rainbows,(the sequel to Just Us Two) is the real ending to Rosie's Gold Wing story. Now, no longer able to ride, this intrepid couple finally say good-bye their Gold Wing motorbiking days but only after more adventures; this time not on a Honda Gold Wing'; this time not quite Just Us Two . . .
In this new saga they are accompanied by a hidden controller in the shape of disembodied voice with which Rosie conducts a ‘love-hate’ relationship as it threatened to make her navigating skills redundant and ruin their next big trip.
Now, ‘Ned’ has come out of the shadows and reverted to his given name,which is how he appears in this  light-hearted and often tongue in cheek story of discovery and adventures.
He also has a new toy. You know boys and their toys? It is infallible, trusty will lead them to wherever they want to go.
No stress; no trouble; no getting lost …
Take in the beauty of Ireland and Co.Mayo; the breathtaking wonder of the Andorran mountains; the awesome grandeur of the Spanish Pyrenees; Visit Versailles and Paris as Rosie chases her rainbows . . .
Engage with Rosalie at:  www.discover-rosalie.com