Monday, 27 December 2010

Rosalie's Christmas

I hope that you all had a happy and peaceful Christmas and that Santa brought you all your wishes.I had a bottle of YSL Elle Parfum. Hubby had motorbike related gifts. No! not another bike sadly but the jigsaw will keep him busy for a bit. Christmas Eve at Midnight Mass  in Wrexham Cathedral was lovely in English,Welsh,Polish and Latin. After that hubby had to change and play plumber as he sorted out a problem in the bathroom in the early hours.We did think of calling out our friend Roger but he is too far away. (If you are reading this Roger - only joking.) Christmas Day was spent quietly - as we like it - but caught up with family one way and another (Mum,children,grandchildren). Even Jacob got a present - a stroke off me! After a Sunday Roast at the Golden Lion we had a quiet afternoon and a visit from @Jo_Kinch Print and 'Super Kinch'.
Eagerly looking forward to the next instalment of Upstairs Downstairs tonight.
Just beat the crowds in Chester as we got out early - yes me - and got what we wanted in record time. Off now to read 'Writing Science Fiction' Aber Publishing Creative Writing Guides. Look out for the review.I am not looking to write Sci Fi but the underlying disciplines should be interesting and useful.

**N.B. Kindle version of Just Us Two still not showing on Amazon.
Have chased it up with publisher. Sorry for the delay but e-book reading is a good experience whether on PC or a reader. 'Tis available from publisher Author House Bookstore ISBN 9781438939378 to download for most readers or PC. If downloading to PC *pdf  it is best read on Adobe Digital Editions which is downloadable. Give it a go! Check out the free Book Buzzr excerpt on this blog or my website

Rosalie xx