Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Review of Starting to Write (Aber/Studymates Writer's Guides)

December 22nd 2010

Starting to Write is full of practical advice which initially deals with the basics of constructing a disciplined approach to writing. The chapters cover such areas as: Where Do I Start, Practical Stuff, Becoming a Creative Writer, Avoiding Common Mistakes, to name a few.  Dr Rennie Parker talks to the student in a user-friendly and easy to understand way which gets beneath the mystery of the writing process and becoming a published author.  ‘Where Do I Start’ for instance, covers the practicalities of writing and the importance of writing things down as they happen. Although this may seem obvious, for the novice it may not be or they may not have the confidence to do that. This chapter reassures the reader that all ideas are useful and not to be wasted.
Each chapter begins with a short overview followed by relative topics with study tips and exercises to make you think and extend the boundaries of your writing .At the end is a period of reflection which is an important part of continual development.  Although a large part of the book is geared towards poem, prose and short stories, the underlying lessons are adaptable to writing in general and other genres. Of particular interest are the chapters on dealing with rejection and publishing with a practical analysis of what is, and what is not, acceptable which takes away much of the mystery of becoming a published author.
Although ‘Starting to Write’ is a writing course in itself, it is also a must-read for students attending creative writing courses, either in college or on-line, and should feature on their reading list.
Another excellent book from the Aber/Studymates stable.

Published by Aber/Studymates ISBN 978-1-84285-093-0