Friday, 3 December 2010

Review of Kate Walker's 12 point Guide to Writing Romance (Aber Writers Guides) 3rd Edition

This is an invaluable book. Actually, as Kate explains at the outset it is more than a ‘guide’. It is a whole learning programme packed neatly into a manageable size book. Pick up and put down at will.
The book addresses the various ingredients or elements which make up a story. I feel that many of the disciplines which Kate includes in her guide are applicable in general to other genres of writing.
Of great interest and value is the section on practicalities from an editorial & publisher’s viewpoint which cover such things as word count (a different calculation method in USvUK), synopsis, query letter etc.
Each chapter concentrates on one theme ending with a series of searching questions for self-reflection followed by some exercises. A couple of lines to make notes and jot down thoughts before expanding later would have enhanced this section. However this is a minor point and does not detract from the excellence of the book. I found the sections which describe the various elements of different lines of published romance very helpful as were insights into other author’s experiences.
Published by  Aber Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-1842851289