Thursday, 11 November 2010

An Island in the sun!

Hello all.
A long day yesterday after an early start. Beautiful hotel and lots of areas to relax. After a change of room to the one requested - low floor, near lift etc. we walked outside and WOW! Full on to the sea and a huge balocny. I have just left my husband there at 9.00 am  this morning - sun hat on against the blazing and seriously hot sun.
Not thinking of you all back home freezing!! I started to read Just Us Two on the plane, to decide which passages I want to read at the deganwy Book Fest in December. I turned to my husband and said:
"Did I write this?" as I wiped away a tear.
"Yes" he nodded with a loving look in his eyes. So I wiped away another tear. Hoping to have the urge to write more on the sequel (If my slight RSI in right arm clears) An island in the sun with only when the next meal is due to think about, is the perfect place.  Where is this lovely place?

Rosalie xx