Saturday, 23 October 2010

Writing and Marketing

Writing flows from the creative juices within. Unless you have a very good memory, ideas must be captured as they 'pop up' so a handy notebook is essential. However at 4am in the dark hours before dawn when snuggled up in a nice warm bed, this is not such an attractive option. I have been known however, to switch on the computer at 5am - design my latest learning programme, Power Point slides and all -  and crawl back into bed at 7 am for another hour. The beauty of flexible working!
But where does 'marketing' fit in when the writing on a more personal level? It may seem self-indulgent to advertise oneself but if your work is to reach the right markets then this is what must be done. The way to do this I have found from industrial/commercial experience is to create a brand and products of that brand in the same way that large manufacturers do.
After all who would have thought that a bar of soap (Sunlight) from a small town on the Dee Estuary would become so famous? 
So if writing is to have any purpose other than just putting thoughts onto paper attention must be paid to a focused marketing strategy using all the tools available. The power of social networking must not be underestimated. (Of course, the danger is that so much time is spent on marketing activities that the actual writing goes by the board.) With social networking a little really does go a long way.Design and production of materials is easily done in-house with the user friendly software tools available.This is another thread of creativity -if you can tear yourself away from writing that is! I have been fascinated to see the different approaches which my fellow 'friends and followers' use and realise that often you can improve and sometimes you are on the right track.
What do my fellow authors out there think?
Book Fair in Deganwy     December 11th 2010 11-4
Book Signing -Petrolheads.

So now - down to writing! Rosalie xx