Monday, 18 October 2010

Just Us Two e-book upgrade - Latest developments.

Good Morning on this bright autumn morning!  I thought you would like to hear of the latest developments for Just Us Two in the e-book world of technology. As you know theJust Us Two e-book has always been available to download as an Adobe *pdf file to PC or PDA. But .. wait ...  Just Us Two is now being upgraded to the latest e-pub platform and will  be available soon  for Amazon Kindle,Sony Readers, nook, and other devices. All of these formats will be available from the convenient one stop shop on the US site of  Author House Bookstore. where there is an overview. Nifty , what? So you don't have to browse different sites to purchase). Now that Kindle is available in the UK - just in time for Christmas - why not make 2010 International Book Award Winner, Just Us Two one of your first downloads. ISBN 978-1-4389-2937-8  or just go toRosalie's Website and follow the links. 

More of the latest news!
WOW! Just Us Two at No 3 Best Sellers in AuthorHouse UK/Bookshop

Best Sellers

  1. Reverse in Ministry and Missions: Africans in the Dark Continent of Europe by Israel Olofinjana
  2. The Road Within by Arri Pauw
  3. Just Us Two by Rosalie Marsh**
  4. The Prophecies of Abraham by Joseph F. Dumond
  5. Land Tenure in Sierra Leone by Ade Renne  (source 18.10.2010)
Rosalie's publishing journey continues (as featured in Voice in Print last year) and she is a big fan of the power of Social Networking with Facebook,Twitter,Linked In, Scribd and ... the most fantastic Book Buzzr - that's the widget on the left - where you can flip the pages of a Just Us Two preview and see the video trailer. or go to

Rosalie says " I have made many useful contacts through social networking and had some interesting conversations with fellow authors. I have also made a lot of friends and continue to discover my very large long lost family in Ireland, the UK and America. Although I grew up knowing loads about my Marsh Family, I knew very little of my Irish family and connections and it was only 12 years ago that we found them. The second of our discoveries. The first of course being the GoldWing!".
Church in Ballycroy where it is said that my grandparents married in secret
Well off to write a few more words in my latest project. Must update my website as well. Have a nice day. Share the news do!