Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Academic Writing?

What is 'Academic Writing'? I came across a new 'must have' book -The Academic Essay -for 16 plus students and learners at the Gwynedd Book Fair in Llanrug on Monday. Ten years ago, when struggling with my Dissertation  I was told "You need to write the academic way ". So, after a whole class being advised to write how we want to, how it flows, at the end of the day the dictates of academia ruled. I got there in the end but, how I wished that I had been able to read 'The Academic Essay' written by Dr.Derek Soles and published by Dr Graham Lawler as part of his Studymates range of books ( Educational/English Literature pages).
I chatted to Dr Lawler on Monday. He advised the 6th formers who visited, on a range of books which would help them raise achievemnt when writing essays. I was also particularly impressed with the range of workbook style books for the Aber Education -Adult Skills area. From my own work with adult learners - many in responsible jobs - I know how beneficial there are to plug the gaps in Functional Skills ( formerly Key Skills) and to raise skills levels to become employable.
Such simple things as spelling, punctuation, grammar, reading, comprehension etc. All needed for everyday communication.Some more 'must haves'.
Then the Understanding Numbers is another range because, lets face it, we all need to understamd basic numbers to manage our money and everyday calculations such as mixing cement, recipes, how much paint you need to paint a room etc. ( one of my students once said that she would just go to B&Q and they would tell her!!!) Say no more!

Time to get off my soap box  and crack on with the creative stuff. Have a nice day..