Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A Wet Wednesday

The car is on its way tothe garage for some TLC. The CD/Radio stopped working.soanewone is being fitted. Unfortunately, I will have to wait for theCD's stuck insideto be returned from the factory!Mamma Mia original soundtrack (moi), Elvis (mon mari)plus other random ones.
Had a great day yesterday designing new marketing materialsforupcoming deganwy Book fest in December.  A re-vamp was in order anyway.
Spring bulbs are all in the pots inthe back gardenb so there should be a nice show next year - that is if the slugs don't get them first.
Characters for next book taking shape. I always think that when I have an  idea and come to write it down and have already written it down- well Imust be on the right track! 
Don't work too hard! 

Rosalie Marsh