Monday, 27 September 2010

Monday Morning

Having spent some considerable time over the weekend setting up and configuring my new blog page; deciding the layout for new marketing materials (after all, the Deganwy Book Fair and Authors Day at the Quay Hotel on Dec 11th demands an upgrade); and generally clearing a lot of backlog, I can now turn my thoughts to shaping up my next story.
I was going to call it 'The Homecoming' but a more tantalising title popped into my head. As it will be a story of hope and a battle for survival in the cut throat world of business 'From This Day Forward...' it will be.

I have had my Twitter fix, watched Breakfast,looked what my friends on Facebook are doing, washed the breakfast pots - and dried, how cool is that - I just need to chase up some queries and then  off I go ...

Rosalie xx  

P.S. Read about Aranjuez (Madrid) and the 'pool' disaster in Just Us Two ...