Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A Wet Wednesday

The car is on its way tothe garage for some TLC. The CD/Radio stopped working.soanewone is being fitted. Unfortunately, I will have to wait for theCD's stuck insideto be returned from the factory!Mamma Mia original soundtrack (moi), Elvis (mon mari)plus other random ones.
Had a great day yesterday designing new marketing materialsforupcoming deganwy Book fest in December.  A re-vamp was in order anyway.
Spring bulbs are all in the pots inthe back gardenb so there should be a nice show next year - that is if the slugs don't get them first.
Characters for next book taking shape. I always think that when I have an  idea and come to write it down and have already written it down- well Imust be on the right track! 
Don't work too hard! 

Rosalie Marsh

Monday, 27 September 2010

Monday Morning

Having spent some considerable time over the weekend setting up and configuring my new blog page; deciding the layout for new marketing materials (after all, the Deganwy Book Fair and Authors Day at the Quay Hotel on Dec 11th demands an upgrade); and generally clearing a lot of backlog, I can now turn my thoughts to shaping up my next story.
I was going to call it 'The Homecoming' but a more tantalising title popped into my head. As it will be a story of hope and a battle for survival in the cut throat world of business 'From This Day Forward...' it will be.

I have had my Twitter fix, watched Breakfast,looked what my friends on Facebook are doing, washed the breakfast pots - and dried, how cool is that - I just need to chase up some queries and then  off I go ...

Rosalie xx  

P.S. Read about Aranjuez (Madrid) and the 'pool' disaster in Just Us Two ...

Sunday, 26 September 2010

More news about Just Us Two


Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery was awarded Winner in the 2010 International Book Awards.This provides exposure at major international book fairs. The award followed on from being awarded Finalist in the 2009 Best Books Awards sponsored by USA Book News. Just Us Two was included in the New Title showcase at the London Book Fair in 2009and 2010. For more news follow the Media and Reviews link on my website.

A day in the life of Just UsTwo:Nedand Rosie's GoldWing Discovery

Hello, Rosalie here!

Welcome to my new Blog. Not that I like the word 'blog' - which is why I have called it Rosalie's Chatter.I started a page on my website called 'Rosalie's Chatter' but there are limitations even though I can share it.Hence the BLOG!
If you haven't already visited my website,do take the plunge and Discover-Rosalie at at You will find lots of exciting things there. 
  • Firstly,there is a video trailer of Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery.This an exhilarating true story of discovery,adventure,and fun as middle-aged Ned and Rosie, discover a huge Honda Gold Wing touring motorbike and changed their lives forever.Mid-life crisis? What mid-life crisis?? Well,you see,Ned really only wanted a little bike to tinker with and of course,ride (he hadn't had a motorbike for many years,the family was all grown up and he had a hankering). The little bike became a bigger bike, then an even bigger one until we finally,we got the biggest and best touring bike in the world.I swapped well-groomed hair and high heels for a crash helmet - very traumatic -and biking boots.Then we found our lost youth and had a whale of a time!
  • Secondly,there is a book preview where you can flip over the pages,just as if you were reading the book.Neat humm? BookBuzzr preview-Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery
  • Thirdly,there is a most important link to my 'Where to Buy' page and links to my pages on Twitter, Facebook, Scribd and Linked-In. A most important link is direct to my own author page in the Author House Bookstore 
  • Follow the link above and you can download the e-book from the US site at $3.95  'WOW' I can hear you say!