Monday, 27 December 2010

Rosalie's Christmas

I hope that you all had a happy and peaceful Christmas and that Santa brought you all your wishes.I had a bottle of YSL Elle Parfum. Hubby had motorbike related gifts. No! not another bike sadly but the jigsaw will keep him busy for a bit. Christmas Eve at Midnight Mass  in Wrexham Cathedral was lovely in English,Welsh,Polish and Latin. After that hubby had to change and play plumber as he sorted out a problem in the bathroom in the early hours.We did think of calling out our friend Roger but he is too far away. (If you are reading this Roger - only joking.) Christmas Day was spent quietly - as we like it - but caught up with family one way and another (Mum,children,grandchildren). Even Jacob got a present - a stroke off me! After a Sunday Roast at the Golden Lion we had a quiet afternoon and a visit from @Jo_Kinch Print and 'Super Kinch'.
Eagerly looking forward to the next instalment of Upstairs Downstairs tonight.
Just beat the crowds in Chester as we got out early - yes me - and got what we wanted in record time. Off now to read 'Writing Science Fiction' Aber Publishing Creative Writing Guides. Look out for the review.I am not looking to write Sci Fi but the underlying disciplines should be interesting and useful.

**N.B. Kindle version of Just Us Two still not showing on Amazon.
Have chased it up with publisher. Sorry for the delay but e-book reading is a good experience whether on PC or a reader. 'Tis available from publisher Author House Bookstore ISBN 9781438939378 to download for most readers or PC. If downloading to PC *pdf  it is best read on Adobe Digital Editions which is downloadable. Give it a go! Check out the free Book Buzzr excerpt on this blog or my website

Rosalie xx

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Rosalie's Chatter: Review of Starting to Write (Aber/Studymates Write...

Rosalie's Chatter: Review of Starting to Write (Aber/Studymates Write...: "December 22nd 2010 Starting to Write is full of practical advice which initially deals with the basics of constructing a disciplin..."

Review of Starting to Write (Aber/Studymates Writer's Guides)

December 22nd 2010

Starting to Write is full of practical advice which initially deals with the basics of constructing a disciplined approach to writing. The chapters cover such areas as: Where Do I Start, Practical Stuff, Becoming a Creative Writer, Avoiding Common Mistakes, to name a few.  Dr Rennie Parker talks to the student in a user-friendly and easy to understand way which gets beneath the mystery of the writing process and becoming a published author.  ‘Where Do I Start’ for instance, covers the practicalities of writing and the importance of writing things down as they happen. Although this may seem obvious, for the novice it may not be or they may not have the confidence to do that. This chapter reassures the reader that all ideas are useful and not to be wasted.
Each chapter begins with a short overview followed by relative topics with study tips and exercises to make you think and extend the boundaries of your writing .At the end is a period of reflection which is an important part of continual development.  Although a large part of the book is geared towards poem, prose and short stories, the underlying lessons are adaptable to writing in general and other genres. Of particular interest are the chapters on dealing with rejection and publishing with a practical analysis of what is, and what is not, acceptable which takes away much of the mystery of becoming a published author.
Although ‘Starting to Write’ is a writing course in itself, it is also a must-read for students attending creative writing courses, either in college or on-line, and should feature on their reading list.
Another excellent book from the Aber/Studymates stable.

Published by Aber/Studymates ISBN 978-1-84285-093-0

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Deganwy Author's Day and Book Fair. Saturday December 11th

After a few days of: putting a slide show on my website, editing - repeatedly - the video and uploading to sites, it is now back to finishing the sequel to Just Us Two. (Just Us Two:Chasing Rainbows). I think I will stick with that sub-title.
Have started to read more Creative Writing Books from Aber Publishing . Starting to Write and Writing Science Fiction. Watch out for the reviews.

Monday, 13 December 2010

A successful Author's Day and Book Fair at the Quay Hotel Deganwy

Saturday December 11th 2010 and we are setting off early for a quiet drive to Deganwy, the venue for what proved to be a very successful and enjoyable Author's Day and Book Fair. Organised by author Jean Mead The event was sponsored by the 5Star Quay Hotel and Spa, Deganwy which overlooks the Marina on one side and Conwy Estuary on the other. A perfect setting as the event was held upstairs in the beautiful conference room which afforded a panoramic view of the estuary and Conwy Castle.
The Colwyn Bay Male Voice Choir entertained us at lunchtime while the excellent, friendly and attentive staff scurried round keeping us supplied with refreshments.
There was a good mix of authors covering different genres supplemented by publishers, which provided a nice friendly atmosphere where we all mixed and chatted. (And picked each other's brains - or should I say bounced off ideas?) In any case it was a good networking opportunity. In the evening many of us met in the bar before enjoying dinner in a private room.
After one an excellent breakfast (where the fruit juices are served from those bottles with the flip stopper and a clip wire which I haven't seen since I was a child and what a nice feature) we headed back home with plans to stop off at Petrolheads Cafe Bar on the A548 at Bagillt. We were so full after that breakfast that we abandoned ideas of a Sunday Roast and settled for a Pork Bap with apple sauce and stuffing.
All in all a perfect weekend. Photos on the  Discover-Rosalie website with a video following as soon as I can 'cook' it.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Deganwy Author's Day and Book Fair. This Saturday Dec 11th.

Temperatures are rising and weather improving in time for the exciting new Deganwy Author's Day and Book Fair at the Quay Hotel this Saturday Dec 11th. Time? 10-4. I am signing copies of Just Us Two -a special Christmas present (or 'Just for You') in the Conference Suite. In the Tegid Suite I will be talking about how I came to write Just Us Two and reading short excerpts of our exciting adventures. Don't miss a lovely day out in Deganwy on the Conwy Estuary. Looking forward to meeting you.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Monday, 6 December 2010

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Book Events and Parties

Had a wonderful weekend in spite of the icy weather. After the success of last week's book event at Petrolheads Cafe Milk Bar, we mosied down to the West Midlands to join Centre Wings at their Christmas Party. Had a fab time meeting the Andorra crowd and other Gold Wingers. All systems go now for next weeks BIG event - the Degabwy Author's day and Book Event on Saturday (Dec.11th).
The theme is 'a signed copy is the perfect gift. If you can't make it then still time to but Just Us Two as a present or Just for You from Author House Bookstore in UK  or Author House Bookstore in US You can also follow the links on Rosalie's website Discover-Rosalie  for other favourite booksellers.
Rosalie xx

Friday, 3 December 2010

Review of Kate Walker's 12 point Guide to Writing Romance (Aber Writers Guides) 3rd Edition

This is an invaluable book. Actually, as Kate explains at the outset it is more than a ‘guide’. It is a whole learning programme packed neatly into a manageable size book. Pick up and put down at will.
The book addresses the various ingredients or elements which make up a story. I feel that many of the disciplines which Kate includes in her guide are applicable in general to other genres of writing.
Of great interest and value is the section on practicalities from an editorial & publisher’s viewpoint which cover such things as word count (a different calculation method in USvUK), synopsis, query letter etc.
Each chapter concentrates on one theme ending with a series of searching questions for self-reflection followed by some exercises. A couple of lines to make notes and jot down thoughts before expanding later would have enhanced this section. However this is a minor point and does not detract from the excellence of the book. I found the sections which describe the various elements of different lines of published romance very helpful as were insights into other author’s experiences.
Published by  Aber Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-1842851289

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Winter Wonderland

My little corner of NorthWales has escaped the worst of the snow. Roads cleared a bit yesterday but the garden looks as if it has been 'iced' today. Snowballs best kept away from 'people and property' though.
'Just Us Two:The Sequel' coming along nicely. Having toyed with a few bylines, 'The Sequel' keeps coming back to mind so I will stick with that.
More travel adventures,more dreams coming true,all centred around my love-hate relationship with a SatNav (the invisible passenger) and compromises ...
Intrigued? All will be revealed in early 2011.

Take Care in the snow.

Rosalie xx

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Monday, 29 November 2010

Deganwy Authors Day and Book Fair

A new and exciting Book Event takes place on Saturday December 11th at the Quay Hotel,Deganwy. Author Jean Mead has organised an Authors Day and Book Fair where you will have the opportunity to meet authors, publishers and bookselllers. I will be one of the authors giving a short presentation and reading of Just Us Two;Ned and Rosie's Goldwing Discovery.
My recent book event at Petrolheads Cafe in Bagillt was a huge success and I look forward to chatting with you about our experiences and signing your copy of Just Us Two.
A signed book is a special gift (or buy it Just for You!)

Rosalie xx

Petrolheads Cafe Book Event -A Huge Success

What a wonderful weekend at Petrolheads Cafe Milk Bar (A548 Bagillt, North Wales). Bikers Night on Friday was mega busy considering the weather with some hardy bikers turning up on their bikes. Thank you to those who came to eat, stayed to enjoy the videos (especially the hair-raising one of the ride to the Spanish Border above Gavarnie on an unmarked road with only sheep and cows for company) and bought a signed copy of Just Us Two.
Saturday brought people from as far away as Colwyn Bay and Stockport as they hurrid to have their very own signed copy of Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's GoldWing Discovery and chat about shared and planned experiences.
We donated £1 from every book sale to the Wales Air Ambulance which is Petrolheads nominated charity this year. If you missed the events and can't wait until the Deganwy Book Fair on Dec 11th, pop into Colwyn Bay Motorcycles ans pick up your copy there from Jeff,Justin or any of the helpful sales team.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Book SigningEvents

Preparations well in hand for my three book signing events over the next two weeks. 
Today we visited Kevin at Petrolheads Cafe Milk Bar and checked out the set-up for showing videos. I am impressed that he is set up with a screen and video projector and has more plans in the pipeline for events. Lots of advertising in local papers,Facebook,Twitter etc. Looking forward to Friday 7-9 and Saturday 11-3. All those nasty red cones have now been removed. How do I find Petrolheads? On A548 Coast Road at Bagillt (opp Fitness Centre and next to Gulf Petrol Station.)
  • Received some more marketing material (posters,brochures) from Jean Mead who is organising the Deganwy Authors Day at the Quay Hotel, Deganwy. Dec 11th 10-4. Yours truly will be giving a short presentation and reading.
Don't forget! 
A signed copy of Just US Two is the perfect present - or 
Just for You        For Travellers and Dreamers everywhere
                           See you there.
Rosalie xx

Friday, 19 November 2010

Rosalie's Chatter: A multi-media week for Rosalie

Rosalie's Chatter: A multi-media week for Rosalie: "A busy few days after our return from our Island in the sun - Fuerteventura - late on Wednesday. New marketing flyers,banner,business cards..."

A multi-media week for Rosalie

A busy few days after our return from our Island in the sun - Fuerteventura - late on Wednesday.  
  • New marketing flyers,banner,business cards and posters all at the ready (Thank you KinchPrint, Wrexham Print,). I have enjoyed creating all the files using photoshop etc.
  • I have been busy on videos today and finished the new short one which gives a flavour of our travels. (You need to read the book to appreciate the full picture of all the spill and thrills.) Sorted out other short videos including my favourite one of crossing the Millau Viaduct in 2007 - catchy tune and all.
  •  I received the brochures for the Deganwy Authors Day and Book Fair at the Quay Hotel Deganwy on December 11th, must get them circulated.Thank you to Jean Mead
  • E-book upgrade to Kindle,Sony, iPad, readers etc. will soon be live - I think e-readers will take off this year especially as Kindle is now available in UK and will compliment traditional books (different situations and preferences).
  • Last but not least I spoke to Kevin at Petrolheads Cafe Milk Bar on the A548 Bagillt road about next Friday and Saturday's Book Events. The videos should create a buzz and the tea/coffee and food is good. An unusual but innovative venue for me. Thank you to  Kevin at Petrolheads  for inviting me.
Well, time to clock off for the day. Have a nice evening. More on the sequel to Just Us Two tomorrow perhaps.
Rosalie xx

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Rosalie's Chatter: Petrolheads and Deganwy Book Events

Rosalie's Chatter: Petrolheads and Deganwy Book Events: "Popped into Petrolheads today - that new Cafe Milk Bar on A548 at Bagillt. very busy with dinners(lunches). Nice to see the posters up for ..."

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Rosalie's Chatter: Rosalie's Chatter: Just Us Two e-book for most e-r...

Rosalie's Chatter: Rosalie's Chatter: Just Us Two e-book for most e-r...: "Rosalie's Chatter: Just Us Two e-book for most e-readers coming soon ...: 'Just Us Two has been available from Day 1 as an e-book direct fro..."

Still on an island in the sun!

Enjoying the sun and warmth. Giving Boom Trikes a miss this time. Met up with Saga Rep in next hotel. Couldn´`t get in at Elba Carlotta as we made a late booking. Impressed that David knew all saga guests names and greeted them by name. Lots of Brownie points for David.
Must dash. Got some sun to soak up! xx Rosalie

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Rosalie's Chatter: An Island in the sun!

Rosalie's Chatter: An Island in the sun!: "Hello all. A long day yesterday after an early start. Beautiful hotel and lots of areas to relax. After a change of room to the one requeste..."

An Island in the sun!

Hello all.
A long day yesterday after an early start. Beautiful hotel and lots of areas to relax. After a change of room to the one requested - low floor, near lift etc. we walked outside and WOW! Full on to the sea and a huge balocny. I have just left my husband there at 9.00 am  this morning - sun hat on against the blazing and seriously hot sun.
Not thinking of you all back home freezing!! I started to read Just Us Two on the plane, to decide which passages I want to read at the deganwy Book Fest in December. I turned to my husband and said:
"Did I write this?" as I wiped away a tear.
"Yes" he nodded with a loving look in his eyes. So I wiped away another tear. Hoping to have the urge to write more on the sequel (If my slight RSI in right arm clears) An island in the sun with only when the next meal is due to think about, is the perfect place.  Where is this lovely place?

Rosalie xx

Monday, 8 November 2010

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Petrolheads and Deganwy Book Events

Popped into Petrolheads today - that new Cafe Milk Bar on  A548 at Bagillt. very busy with dinners(lunches). Nice to see the posters up for Book Events Nov 26th & 27th. Left some Flyers. New marketing material for Deganwy Book Fair,(go to Quay Hotel /Quay Events) now at KinchPrint who have given excellent service with great attention to detail from Joanna and Martin. There has been a lot of artwork which as usual I got engrossed in and I tailored the Petrolheads event to them.(We always did that with training materials for client organisation when I was in college and it looks good.)
Had a melt in the mouth ham sandwich at Petrolheads and hubby read the motorbike paper -no change there! have a nice weekend. Perhaps relax looking at the videos on this blog?

How to pick up a Goldwing up off the ground

Ned and Rosie discovering Europe in a motorkike

Friday, 29 October 2010

Just Us Two e-book for most e-readers coming soon ..

Just Us Two has been available from Day 1 as an e-book direct from the publisher Author House's US Bookstore  ( as an Adobe *pdf file.
Coming soon is an upgrade in time for Christmas. A quick visit to /bookstore - the one-stop shop - and you can download to Kindle, Sony,IPad,Nook and most readers, as well as to computer or laptop as you can now.
Of course the various formats will be available via your favourite e-Retailer but Author House have made download easy for your reader with the files they have created. 
All you will have to do is go to the Author House Bookstore and tap in either  the ISBN No 978 1 4389 2937 8; title of book (Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's GoldWing Discovery) or author name ( Rosalie Marsh) if that is easier to remember. ( Photo: Leaving Soldeau,Andorra 2000)
Did you know? Just Us Two is illustrated with selected photographs of places visited and there is a 'tecchie' chapter on the conversion. Conversion? Well you will read about that and all the heartbreak in the pages of Just Us Two... don't want to spoil the story!
Watch out for latest news on e-book upgrade.
Can't wait or want to buy for a Christmas Present? Just Us Two 'perfect bound soft cover' ISBN 978 1 4389 2936 1 is available worldwide from:
Author House UK Bookstore; Author House US Bookstore; (as they are Print on Demand there is never an out of stock situation and delivery is fast) or your favourite on-line retailer or local bookseller.
For a signed copy - the perfect Christmas present - contact me on 07715 055653, or visit me at Petrolheads Cafe Milk Bar Bagillt,Flintshire Nov 26th 7-9 +Nov 27th 11-3 or the Deganwy Book Fest & Authors Day at the Quay Hotel Deganwy,Conwy on December 11th. 
I will be giving a short talk and reading to give a taster.

Rosalie xx

Monday, 25 October 2010

Screencast of Just Us Two

More screen casts on 'Rosalie's Website' page on this Blog.
Watch other You Tube videos on RosalieMarsh0 channel 
Visit the updated Multimedia Gallery at Discover-Rosalie /Gallery

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Writing and Marketing

Writing flows from the creative juices within. Unless you have a very good memory, ideas must be captured as they 'pop up' so a handy notebook is essential. However at 4am in the dark hours before dawn when snuggled up in a nice warm bed, this is not such an attractive option. I have been known however, to switch on the computer at 5am - design my latest learning programme, Power Point slides and all -  and crawl back into bed at 7 am for another hour. The beauty of flexible working!
But where does 'marketing' fit in when the writing on a more personal level? It may seem self-indulgent to advertise oneself but if your work is to reach the right markets then this is what must be done. The way to do this I have found from industrial/commercial experience is to create a brand and products of that brand in the same way that large manufacturers do.
After all who would have thought that a bar of soap (Sunlight) from a small town on the Dee Estuary would become so famous? 
So if writing is to have any purpose other than just putting thoughts onto paper attention must be paid to a focused marketing strategy using all the tools available. The power of social networking must not be underestimated. (Of course, the danger is that so much time is spent on marketing activities that the actual writing goes by the board.) With social networking a little really does go a long way.Design and production of materials is easily done in-house with the user friendly software tools available.This is another thread of creativity -if you can tear yourself away from writing that is! I have been fascinated to see the different approaches which my fellow 'friends and followers' use and realise that often you can improve and sometimes you are on the right track.
What do my fellow authors out there think?
Book Fair in Deganwy     December 11th 2010 11-4
Book Signing -Petrolheads.

So now - down to writing! Rosalie xx

Monday, 18 October 2010

Just Us Two e-book upgrade - Latest developments.

Good Morning on this bright autumn morning!  I thought you would like to hear of the latest developments for Just Us Two in the e-book world of technology. As you know theJust Us Two e-book has always been available to download as an Adobe *pdf file to PC or PDA. But .. wait ...  Just Us Two is now being upgraded to the latest e-pub platform and will  be available soon  for Amazon Kindle,Sony Readers, nook, and other devices. All of these formats will be available from the convenient one stop shop on the US site of  Author House Bookstore. where there is an overview. Nifty , what? So you don't have to browse different sites to purchase). Now that Kindle is available in the UK - just in time for Christmas - why not make 2010 International Book Award Winner, Just Us Two one of your first downloads. ISBN 978-1-4389-2937-8  or just go toRosalie's Website and follow the links. 

More of the latest news!
WOW! Just Us Two at No 3 Best Sellers in AuthorHouse UK/Bookshop

Best Sellers

  1. Reverse in Ministry and Missions: Africans in the Dark Continent of Europe by Israel Olofinjana
  2. The Road Within by Arri Pauw
  3. Just Us Two by Rosalie Marsh**
  4. The Prophecies of Abraham by Joseph F. Dumond
  5. Land Tenure in Sierra Leone by Ade Renne  (source 18.10.2010)
Rosalie's publishing journey continues (as featured in Voice in Print last year) and she is a big fan of the power of Social Networking with Facebook,Twitter,Linked In, Scribd and ... the most fantastic Book Buzzr - that's the widget on the left - where you can flip the pages of a Just Us Two preview and see the video trailer. or go to

Rosalie says " I have made many useful contacts through social networking and had some interesting conversations with fellow authors. I have also made a lot of friends and continue to discover my very large long lost family in Ireland, the UK and America. Although I grew up knowing loads about my Marsh Family, I knew very little of my Irish family and connections and it was only 12 years ago that we found them. The second of our discoveries. The first of course being the GoldWing!".
Church in Ballycroy where it is said that my grandparents married in secret
Well off to write a few more words in my latest project. Must update my website as well. Have a nice day. Share the news do!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Rosalie's Chatter: A relaxing experience at Makizmo

Rosalie's Chatter: A relaxing experience at Makizmo: "Had a good morning in Wrexham. did the usual errands before going for a hair cut- it was getting neither her not there - at Makizmo (where..."

A relaxing experience at Makizmo

Had a good morning in Wrexham. did the usual errands  before  going for a hair cut- it was getting neither her not there - at Makizmo (where Bellevue Rd meets Pentrefelin /Island Green in Wrexham). .Not just a hairdresser, more of an experience. with one to one personal service from wash through to dry. A soothing experience. Comfortable relaxing surroundings with an Italian flavour with the ornate mirrors and soothing colours. And I love the huge mirror in an ornate frame sitting on the piano at the barbers / shaving/mens side. Then I detoured into a shoe shop on the way to the bus station ( Bus pass you see) and indulged in some winter shoes. ( Actually 2 pairs in Clarks) Oh! and an Aubergine bag to match one pair and then I spotted just the new wallet I had been looking for - to match the bag. See what happens when hubby stays at home.:)
Now it is back to writing. 

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Rosalie's Chatter: A Busy Weekend

Rosalie's Chatter: A Busy Weekend: "Whew! What a busy few days. Some unexpected documents to pull together pushing everything to one side. Then the new super dooper printer was..."

A Busy Weekend

Whew! What a busy few days. Some unexpected documents to pull together pushing everything to one side. Then the new super dooper printer was exchanged and lo and behold! that one had a kink on the edge as well as it printed out. What a pain!  The shop will exchange- refund- whatever we want but really, the printer is super and meets all my business needs and I don't have time for all this hassle. Perhaps we will have to order in the one we were going for in the first place. Job for Monday.
Just back from a lively meeting in Rugby. Lots of laughter and healthy discussion. Off out to dinner now - our usual treat after these meetings. Well, the cupboard is almost bare,   not quite like old Mother Hubbard in the nursery rhyme! It will set me up for a huge catch up on my 'To Do' list tomorrow.
Don't forget to check out the Just Us Two preview on this page. Just remembered, have to update author page links in Author House Bookstore due to system changes.

Rosalie xx.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

The season of events

It has been a busy week so far as I have concentrated on the artwork for a complete new suite of marketing materials. generic ones for the Deganwy Book Fair in December and other which may appear. I have tailored the posters and flyers  (sell sheets) for the two events in November to Petrolheads specifically. I had a nice chat with Sharon of the Wales Air Ambulance this morning who is giving some support in publicising the event as £1.00 from every book   will go to the Wales Air Ambulance. Wow! I have just checked the web address and Martin has already put the event on! Thank you Sharon and Martin.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Updated links for Author House Bookstore

Publisher Author House are updating their website and links to my Author Page have changed. I have updated links on Others in progress - I have to remember where all the links are. Don't forget, Just Us Two e-book is available to download from ISBN 9781438929378 . The soft cover ISBN 9781438929361 is available from both UK ( and USA ( sites
Still trying to work out if I can send the Rosalie's Chatter page on web direct to this blog.

Academic Writing?

What is 'Academic Writing'? I came across a new 'must have' book -The Academic Essay -for 16 plus students and learners at the Gwynedd Book Fair in Llanrug on Monday. Ten years ago, when struggling with my Dissertation  I was told "You need to write the academic way ". So, after a whole class being advised to write how we want to, how it flows, at the end of the day the dictates of academia ruled. I got there in the end but, how I wished that I had been able to read 'The Academic Essay' written by Dr.Derek Soles and published by Dr Graham Lawler as part of his Studymates range of books ( Educational/English Literature pages).
I chatted to Dr Lawler on Monday. He advised the 6th formers who visited, on a range of books which would help them raise achievemnt when writing essays. I was also particularly impressed with the range of workbook style books for the Aber Education -Adult Skills area. From my own work with adult learners - many in responsible jobs - I know how beneficial there are to plug the gaps in Functional Skills ( formerly Key Skills) and to raise skills levels to become employable.
Such simple things as spelling, punctuation, grammar, reading, comprehension etc. All needed for everyday communication.Some more 'must haves'.
Then the Understanding Numbers is another range because, lets face it, we all need to understamd basic numbers to manage our money and everyday calculations such as mixing cement, recipes, how much paint you need to paint a room etc. ( one of my students once said that she would just go to B&Q and they would tell her!!!) Say no more!

Time to get off my soap box  and crack on with the creative stuff. Have a nice day..

Monday, 4 October 2010

Book Details

Book Details Go to Author House to buy direct with quick delivery. Just Us Two

Monday Morning

A fine morning this morning for a trip through the mountains to Llanrug Nr.Caernarfon for the Gwynedd Book Fair. I am looking forward to the buzz, the excitement, meeting new people. It is a while since I was out in the hills near here. I think the last time was one January when the snow and ice lay thick on the ground and I went to a training centre in my capacity as external verifier. Must have been about 5 or 6 years ago. How time flies.
yesterday was a long but fruitful day with meetings out in Betws-y-Coed and Bagillt, Flint. ( And that's only Sunday - a day of rest!) 'Ned' and I met the owner of the new Petrolheads Cafe Milk Bar - a '60's retro style stopping/meeting for bikers and cars on the coast road -  to arrange a book signing. We were impressed with the cafe which is bright and welcoming with an excellent menu at reasonable prices. I was impressed with the HUGE Triumph motorbike on display near the door. After lots of all round marketing talk I was all fired up and we set dates for the end of November. Friday 26th 7-9pm and Saturday 27th 11-3pm. Should be good so watch this space ...

Friday, 1 October 2010

Fun Friday

Well, third try, lucky. For some reason server timed out - planned maintenance /upgrading at talktalk perhaps?
So Fun Friday it is. It has been a good and encouraging  week.
Firstly, I had an e-mail from San Francisco with a very complimentary comment about my new BLOG. Take a look. It is fashion related.
Secondly, I had an e-mail from Dana in Texas, she is The Savvy Book Marketer, asking for permission to use my latest profile photo in an article she was writing about the use of photos in social networking.  So chuffed!
Next I had a message from my FB friend and fellow author Paula Lingard to contact Kevin at Petrolheads Cafe Milk Bar - A548 Flint off the A55 - about a book signing event. As usual I got talking about 'my other hat'  and the Gold Wing Owner's Club of Great Britain(GWOCGB) and our North Wales Wings. I had heard about the launch of Petrolheads in my capacity of Rep for NWW. I did say my other hat didn't I? Well they support the Wales Air Ambulance as we do. Anyway, the upshot is that North Wales Wings (GWOCGB) have are very welcome at Petrolheads ( it is for bikers and car-ers alike). Kevin waxed lyrical about the freshly prepared Sunday Roast which they do at a bargain price and exhorted us to come and try it. A good meeting place/ stopping point when out on runs.
Well to get back to the point of the BLOG, we discussed a book signing for Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's GoldWing Discovery etc, so watch this space. Then I had an e-mail from a new Gold Winger in the area. After answering this, it was time to make sure I was spruced up enough to go and meet friends for lunch.
Lunch at the Golden Lion, Rossett was delicious as usual. I had salmon on a bed of crushed potatoes and creamy leeks. the I was really naughty and had a cold pressed Cheescake with Baileys. So much so, that the rest of the afternoon  alls for a chill out and delving into one of my latest library books.Developing marketing materials can wait. Oh! and I forgot, my printer went on the blink last night. the only fly in the ointment. Message reads: 'Internal components past service date' or some such thing. It is all the same though... I see a new printer on the horizon, and I have just bought new ink cartridges...Oh well! Looking to have a slim Net book cover from but need to check sizes as mine might be a bit bigger than the latest ones on sale. Hope it fits as I have done a lovely design with sunflowers...
Lastly, I have had a message from an on-line bookshop in India ( Friend of Books which is listing Just Us Two in their catalogue.
I have added their link to
So... off now to delve into a good book.
Have a lovely weekend,
Rosalie xx

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A Wet Wednesday

The car is on its way tothe garage for some TLC. The CD/Radio stopped working.soanewone is being fitted. Unfortunately, I will have to wait for theCD's stuck insideto be returned from the factory!Mamma Mia original soundtrack (moi), Elvis (mon mari)plus other random ones.
Had a great day yesterday designing new marketing materialsforupcoming deganwy Book fest in December.  A re-vamp was in order anyway.
Spring bulbs are all in the pots inthe back gardenb so there should be a nice show next year - that is if the slugs don't get them first.
Characters for next book taking shape. I always think that when I have an  idea and come to write it down and have already written it down- well Imust be on the right track! 
Don't work too hard! 

Rosalie Marsh

Monday, 27 September 2010

Monday Morning

Having spent some considerable time over the weekend setting up and configuring my new blog page; deciding the layout for new marketing materials (after all, the Deganwy Book Fair and Authors Day at the Quay Hotel on Dec 11th demands an upgrade); and generally clearing a lot of backlog, I can now turn my thoughts to shaping up my next story.
I was going to call it 'The Homecoming' but a more tantalising title popped into my head. As it will be a story of hope and a battle for survival in the cut throat world of business 'From This Day Forward...' it will be.

I have had my Twitter fix, watched Breakfast,looked what my friends on Facebook are doing, washed the breakfast pots - and dried, how cool is that - I just need to chase up some queries and then  off I go ...

Rosalie xx  

P.S. Read about Aranjuez (Madrid) and the 'pool' disaster in Just Us Two ...

Sunday, 26 September 2010

More news about Just Us Two


Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery was awarded Winner in the 2010 International Book Awards.This provides exposure at major international book fairs. The award followed on from being awarded Finalist in the 2009 Best Books Awards sponsored by USA Book News. Just Us Two was included in the New Title showcase at the London Book Fair in 2009and 2010. For more news follow the Media and Reviews link on my website.

A day in the life of Just UsTwo:Nedand Rosie's GoldWing Discovery

Hello, Rosalie here!

Welcome to my new Blog. Not that I like the word 'blog' - which is why I have called it Rosalie's Chatter.I started a page on my website called 'Rosalie's Chatter' but there are limitations even though I can share it.Hence the BLOG!
If you haven't already visited my website,do take the plunge and Discover-Rosalie at at You will find lots of exciting things there. 
  • Firstly,there is a video trailer of Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery.This an exhilarating true story of discovery,adventure,and fun as middle-aged Ned and Rosie, discover a huge Honda Gold Wing touring motorbike and changed their lives forever.Mid-life crisis? What mid-life crisis?? Well,you see,Ned really only wanted a little bike to tinker with and of course,ride (he hadn't had a motorbike for many years,the family was all grown up and he had a hankering). The little bike became a bigger bike, then an even bigger one until we finally,we got the biggest and best touring bike in the world.I swapped well-groomed hair and high heels for a crash helmet - very traumatic -and biking boots.Then we found our lost youth and had a whale of a time!
  • Secondly,there is a book preview where you can flip over the pages,just as if you were reading the book.Neat humm? BookBuzzr preview-Just Us Two:Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery
  • Thirdly,there is a most important link to my 'Where to Buy' page and links to my pages on Twitter, Facebook, Scribd and Linked-In. A most important link is direct to my own author page in the Author House Bookstore 
  • Follow the link above and you can download the e-book from the US site at $3.95  'WOW' I can hear you say!