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A Virtual Tour of Spain. The Contrasts of Malaga and Granada.

  In my last post, we re-visited our explorations in 2013 of the interior of Andalucia. That part of Spain is so diverse. It gives a feel of the 'Real Spain' where the Moors once ruled. Now we we go down to the coast before turning eastwards and, again into the hills. This time to Granada. Malaga It was a cold day in Malaga. Previously we had gone to see the Christmas Lights in the evening. Today, Malaga presented a different face. Firstly, we were taken down to the harbour to the ferry posts. The harbour was deepened some years ago to allow cruise ships to come in. Around the harbour were many cafes and shops - many were closed for the winter or simply not open so early in the morning (11 o'clock) but we found a nice kiosk near the steps and lift which served us with a warming drink. Many steps lead down to the harbour-side.  There is a glass lift but we were  warned that it could be temperamental and that we used it at our peril. We took a chance as the many steps were ha
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A Virtual Tour of Spain. Into the Interior of Andalucia

Visiting Ronda and Cordoba. In the chilly days of lockdown in January 2021 my thoughts turn to earlier years when we have visited Andalucia in southern Spain in the Winter sunshine. In 2013 we took advantage of the opportunity to re-visit Ronda in the mountains above Malaga and San Pedro on the coast. Ronda sits literally in the middle of no-where. When we rode there on our Gold Wing motorbike in 2001, as we rode higher into the mountains above San Pedro on the coast, we saw it sitting there surrounded by a 'nothingness'.   Ronda With four i ncluded trips during our stay in Nerja, Andalucia, (or Costa Del Sol) we hadn't anticipated wanting to take in any optional ones. However, Ronda 'called' to us and it was a better alternative to hiring a car. We actually first visited  Ronda  many, many years ago when staying further along the coast in Fuengirola. It was two bus rides and lots of winding roads up the mountains from the coast. Then we had a wonderful four days wh

New musical release - Interconnected - by James Thompson. Singer songwriter.

Interconnected. Music and lyrics written during lockdown 2020 Released December 2, 2020 Written, performed and produced by James Thompson. Singer songwriter, James Thompson in 2015 James is a Wrexham, North Wales talented young man whose passion is music. After playing violin in the Wrexham Symphony Orchestra  for many years he studied music at Manchester University, settling in the city where he works and writes his lyrics and music. You can hear more of James's music on  Sound Cloud   James Thompson in 2015   Rosalie Marsh December 2020

View the new Look Inside feature for Rosalie Marsh Books

  On the right-hand side of the page there are now three Look Inside book excerpts. Two for travel memoirs/travelogues: Illustrated 'The Long Leg of Italy:Explore with Just Us Two Illustrated' Island Interludes:Just Us Two Escape to the Sun A  Look Inside excerpt for travel based fiction fantasy: ORANGES :A Journey Rosalie's Chatter blog is now integrated into our new dynamic website. The feature articles from this blog have also been integrated along with much new content to enhance the precious content that has been carried over. Why don't you head over to and browse. You will see that we now offer in the UK through our Christal Publishing imprint discounts of all multiple/mixed titles in paperback; in addition travel books and fiction in glossy hardback.  Contact for more details using the contact links on the site or  Enjoy.  Rosalie Marsh November 1st 2020

Update:Rosalie's Chatter now Integrated with a New Website

Future posts in Rosalie's Chatter now integrated with our new website at . This blog site is rich with posts from 2010 -2020. Please come back and enjoy this varied seam of information on travels, books, articles, events and more across the years. Bookmark it to make it easy to return. Rosalie xx August 12th. New website under construction After twelve years it was time to retire our website and move on to the latest platform and design content. My blog has recently had an update as Google have made the old one a legacy product. After updating the theme to tie in with it and one or two other product updates I came across a few glitches. These proved to be unsurmountable; my version of Website Builder was so old it was now a legacy product as the organization moved to a new platform. (As are many others that I deal with - all fun and games.) So, onwards to the latest version

Coping with Shielding in These Difficult Times - Our Reality.

Everyone has their own tale to tell. Some have been largely unaffected apart from taking more care and working from home to minimise the spread of the Covid-19. Many have had the added responsibility of home schooling their children. A big ask as not everyone is equipped to cope with this. Some were deemed to be vulnerable if over 70 years of age and even more so if there were underlying health issues. The argument prevails that if there were no underlying health issues and are fit and healthy, they are not as vulnerable as someone younger who is not healthy. Others fell into the unfortunate group where isolation was needed as they were high-risk due to, not only age, but various high-risk conditions which could affect the chances of survival if infected. This is our reality.  On Facebook, I joined a group to do with ageing healthily run by the remarkable Ann Girling. The group's name has recently changed to  How to Have a Healthy Body, Positive Mindset & Radiant Skin .  This r

You Live and Learn. The Vagaries of Technology.

They say - and I have written passionately -  that learning is lifelong. What fun I have had over this last week with my mobile phone suddenly not accepting security codes for critical changes in applications. More critically, the codes sent for two-step verification sign in from my website provider would not come through. One day they did and the next they stubbornly refused to do so. So, hereby hangs a tale. Listen, read and learn. Online support suggested solutions depending on what you wanted the outcome to be. Yes, I know, I wanted to access my website for administration purposes.  I duly sent off the required information and, nervously I have to say, the required ID to who provide all the security for my product Website Builder. In the due course of time I received confirmation e-mails that the request had been successfully completed. Great! But I still could not sign in without a code which would not come through on my phone.  The next step