Saturday, 3 December 2016

After the rain - music and sunshine on the Balcon de Europa.

And so our sojourn to Costa del Sol and Nerja ended.

After the glorious sunshine, the steady rain and wind came as a shock. Would it cease before we had to return to a cold UK? Our last Sunday looked promising. With hope in our hearts we looked peeped through the curtains on our last Monday morning. Threatening
clouds soon blew away; the glorious sunrise over the sea gave hope.

Hopping onto the Urban Bus outside the hotel Marinas de Nerja, " I told you the shops wouldn't be open," I chided as the one we had window shopped in after church on Sunday still had grilles across the doors.

"A wander at the other end of town, the shops down Pintada and a cuppa on the Balcon until they open is the answer," my husband replied.

What a good decision that turned out to be. After shopping and wandering down to the Balcon, the gentle sounds of a harp caressed our ears. As Allen settled down out of the, by now, hot sun, I wandered to capture the timeless scene as I walked to the far end where the Balcon juts out over the sea. If a picture says a thousand words, follow the link below to a short video where harpist Daniel Jordan ( delighted all around. No more words needed.


P.S. And the orange trees in town were full of ripening oranges. 

Monday, 21 November 2016

Oranges - the Journey Continues.

Ripening in the Spanish sunshine - in winter when it is so cold and bleak in the UK.

I have long been fascinated that just a few hours by plane from the UK, the winter sunshine is warm enough to ripen fruits of many kinds. Mangoes, bananas, and - oranges. The amazement and wonder which, as a small child, I felt as I first held a fully ripened orange in my hand all those years ago never wanes. Then, it seemed to be a distant land. Now, It is but  short hop from the UK.

In southern Spain, orange trees are part of the landscape. They decorate plazas, streets, and gardens just as in the UK we plant other kinds of trees.

Walking down the boulevards in Malaga in November, you can see oranges in varying stages of growth as you can in Granada.

Nerja, Andaluciaa (Costa del Sol)
Our favourite hideaway is Nerja, some thirty miles or so from Malaga. Orange trees are commonplace. Over the weeks in winter, the fruits change from green to a rich orange. 

The 'orange' journey can take many forms but they all have one thing in common in this part of southern Spain. They all take you through the rich heritage of AndalucĂ­a. Ronda, Cordoba, Marbella, and Nerja with the craggy peaks of the Almijarras and Sierra Tejeda as a backdrop and the sparkling sea in front forming a wonderful vista; The Alpujarra mountains below the Sierra Nevada and Granada; the Lecrin Valley below Granada, Granada city, and more on which to feast your eyes and senses in this ancient but living, breathing part of sunny Spain.


ORANGES: A Journey. A fiction story built on a dream as Charlotte and Daisy explore the hills above Lisbon and Sintra, and the Moorish influence of AndalucĂ­a in southern Spain.

Monday, 14 November 2016

A Sparkling Sunday Morning in Nerja, southern Spain

It was early. The church bells were ringing in a medley of sounds waking people from their beds.

'Come on, wake up, time for church', they seemed to say as the town sleepily awoke at 10:00am. 'Time to enjoy this wonderful sunny day.'

Alighting from the blue Urban Bus at the second stop in the middle of
the town, we slowly wandered through he narrow streets to the Plaza Cavana, passing the Iglesia El Savaldor - it was too early to go in - as we headed to the famous Balcon de Europa. Sitting above the sparkling blue and turquoise sea with the backdrop of mountains, the Balcon was a magnet to all.

Strolling past the church the timeless sight of the white aches, through
which we had a view of the mountains and sea, met us as we made our way towards the railings. We rested awhile allowing the suns rays to warm us as they shone down before bouncing off the sea sending shining sparkling lights into the air.

It was early November; the early sunshine in a cloudless sky at this time of day was welcome as, at this time of year, there could be a nip in the air without the warming rays of the sun. The church bells sounded a little different now - more urgent. It was time to make a move. 

later, we wandered back to our favourite cafe at the end of the Balcon where we knew that we would find one of the best cups of tea - according to Allen who is an expert on these matters. It was Hornimans tea, a make that we used to see a lot of in the UK many years ago, and
very reasonable.

Relaxing in the sunshine to the beautiful sounds of the strings of a harp being plucked by a lone musician we could not help but to be appreciative of our good fortune.Our Sunday ended with our usual lunch at the Marinas de Nerja, lots of sunshine, a paper for me to read, and Moto GP or F1 for Allen.

Rosalie xx

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Truth about Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

If you have just left school or university, you may think:

That is it. I know it all now.’
Can I shatter that illusion? Your real learning journey is just starting. You have the foundations from your school days. Now, you have your whole life ahead of you to grow and develop, to release, realise, and achieve your potential as you develop your whole person.
Winners and Losers.
A Winner looks up to where he is going.
  • A Loser looks down on those who have not yet achieved the position he has.

  • A Winner is responsible for more than his/her job.
    A Loser says ‘I only work here.

  • A Winner says ‘There ought to be a better way of doing it.’
    A Loser says ‘Why change it? That’s the way it has always been done.’

Releasing your Potential.

Take responsibility for your learning and development and see yourself gradually improve and grow in confidence as you break down the barriers; climbing the ladder to where you want to be – and become a winner.
  • You must keep up to date and plan for the future. The days of a job for life have long since gone. How do I do this?
I can show you:
  • How to draw up and complete a Personal Action Plan.
  • Keep a record of what you have done and need to do to keep focussed on your objectives.
  • How to set aside time to look back on what you have done and see how far you have travelled.
More in Release Your Potential: Making Sense of Personal and Professional Development and at Discover-Rosalie

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Spreading out all over the world.

New ePub distribution feeding out across the globe.

It has been a lot of work but consolidating eBook distribution is the right way to go.
The recent publishing event - August - in Milton Keynes showed us the expanded possibilities of harnessing the power of Ingram Spark who feed the popular eBook ePub format to all the major eRetailers across the globe. Already they are on sale in 
Kobo, Apple,and Barnes and Noble,

As a change from all this data input to various organisations' databases, that hard drive that is my brain turned to jacket design for Island Interludes. Ideas are floating around. It is  a challenge to decide how to depict the variety of islands in the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

I mean, They all have palm trees; they all have culture in abundance, they all have sea and sand. Do I go for the relaxing sounds of the sea and swaying palm trees or do I go for images of some of the wonderful backdrops which greet you at every turn. Especially Sicily.
Just for a taster, here are the islands which we will cover in Island Interludes.

Meandering in the Mediterranean

Sicily - where we left you in The Long Leg of ItalyMalta, and Cyprus.

Atlantic Wanderings

Azores - Sao Miguel. Madeira. The Canary Islands of Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife including the island of Gomera.

Our travels cover many years; next year we will be taking a field trip to Tenerife to renew our acquaintance with this beautiful and diverse island as we re-visit the Masca Valley, Taganana Valley, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and Puerto de la Cruz in the north of the island, visits to the west coast with a stay on the 'usually' hot south coast. I wonder what changes have taken place since our last visit.




Photos - Cyprus, Fuerteventura, Sicily. Copyright Rosalie Marsh.

Rosalie x